Taking the Fifth
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Masonry has proved to a very popular front page creator. It has been added as an extension to popular Web Development environs as Bootstrap 3, WordPress, and Drupal among others. It works well with tools like FancyBox.js , video media, and sophisticated Ajax dynamic loading of Masonry blocks.

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CSS Triggers More Usage

CSS and a rapidly appearing CSS3 will thrive now that all the major browser vendors have implemented more completely W3C standards and particularly here the CSS pseudo-classes. In sum, Web Designers now have CSS as a viable alternative to JavaScript and Flash for banner ad, image slider and basic UI widget implementation.

Harsh Spring conjures up Anglo Saxon England

So my daily exercise trek would take me into the woods, up a sharp slope and off the beaten trails. and suddenly, here was the forest trails and disappearing paths of Cornwell’s Wessex which had trammeled before me the previous evening. The craggy steps and pitch winds confronting Finian and Lord Uhtred were now to be scaled in cold Trent Hills hillsides.

A great CSS3 source itself with super links to other CSS3 and HTML5 sites

These are great tools for getting CSS3 right.