Taking the Fifth
Think of these CSS Generators as learning tools or like Lint – they help insure your CSS code is syntactically correct. In sum, given that all the generators are free and online, these CSS tools are well worth trying out.
When thePhotoFinishes.com did its Online Color Resources story 5 years ago, ye Editor was concerned how many of the websites would survive the challenging economic conditions. To my surprise most did and as in the case of Paletton.com, added winning features. The result is that for web color refinement and finishing work, online is the place to be
On the JavaScript side, Ink has most of the same features as Bootstrap and Foundation including sticky menus, modal popups, tab widgets, and carousel slider among others. But InK goes beyond with jQuery-like selectors, Ajax support, Treeview widget and several Form processing routines.
The big news is the strong South-to-North headwinds of the past few days. Big thunderstorms have been rumbling through on the New York side of Lake Ontario. The resulting strong winds have put a delay to the bird and butterfly migrations.
What may be accelerating this trend to sticky menus is the fact that JS Mobile Responsive Frameworks are free, open source and also so easy to code and develop with. Just saying…
So be prepared after getting the app working locally for a new and sometimes non-trivial task of getting that same app deployed on 5 major browsers successfully on the Web.

Fall Events in Northumberland Hills are as promising as the Autumn colors this year.

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